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With our extensive customer base of airlines and overhaul facilities, we can offer an effective solution to the disposal of your surplus material and assets. We offer flexible consignment programs and can provide excellent revenues from material that is normally taking up valuable space. We find that companies in general let product languish on their shelves for long periods of time because they just don't know what to do with it, how to dispose of it, and how to maximize their return on the sale of such product.

Not only do we focus on engine and airframe parts we can also extend this service to complete engines and/or modules. This is a very effective method for airlines and lessors to dispose of assets that are getting close to end of life. We arrange everything from engine collection to disassembly, rework, inventory management and sales and marketing. We simply provide a statement of material sold every month and you invoice us - it’s as simple as that!

Most notably we take these materials to the leading edge of the product procurement marketplace, selling it directly into engine repair stations or to operators at established market prices, generating premium returns on the sale of these products. There is no other way to maximize product/asset recovery monies as the manner in which our model can. We are fastidiously compliant with all documentation, trace and product integrity issues.

We can also keep your maintenance costs to a minimum by managing your engines through an overhaul facility. All we ask is for a copy of your scrap reports and within 24 hours we will reply with a list of the material we can supply which in some cases can save in excess of $500,000USD during a shop visit. We can also negotiate direct with your chosen repair facility to discuss the supply of acceptable alternative part numbers, the use of new vs. overhauled parts and general repair cost charges.




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Head Office

Unit 3 & 4 Woodingdean Business Park

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United Kingdom


Toronto Office

Tel:519-856-4127 (sales/marketing)

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